About King Scruff


King Scruff is a bass player and producer in Burbank CA, USA.

Scruffy is a prolific songwriter, composer, and arranger. He also dabbles in video and animation.

King Scruff's new releases were recorded at Clear Lake Studios, Studio637, and others.

You can occasionally catch the King of Scruff busqing at the beach or in Burbank.

The rest of the time he plays live with bands like Desert Edge, Jumpin Bones, and the Mighty Shakers.
Here's Scruffy with Brother T LoveJones, Katja Rieckermann, and David Bennett Cohen.

The Scruffy One likes loud amps. Here's King Scruff with Jim Marshall and Slash.

King Scruff has been working with some great players.

Brazilian guitarist Andy Ferreira appears on many of Scruff's latest releases,
as do drummer and percussionist Cody Morrison, and many others.
King Scruff is very grateful for their help and participation.


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